stephen | July 15, 2003 (11:17 PM)

Netscape is Dead. Long live Mozilla.

AOL, after settling with Microsoft to use Explorer as its AOL browser for the next 7 years, has killed Netscape today. Though disappointing that AOL is dropping it's browser, it can't be said that it wasn't expected. Fortunately, Netscape's undoubtably prettier sister Mozilla, a favorite with developers, lives on. A foundation has been set up to keep Mozilla alive, allowing it to continue to innovate.

In other news, Microsoft has killed Mac Explorer and has stated that there will be no new PC updates until 'Long Horn' comes out in 2 years. New PC versions of Explorer will no longer be free and will be tied even closer with the operating system. I can think of no better reason to switch to Mozilla right now if you own a PC. With current versions of Mozilla blowing IE out of the water (tab browsing is better than sex), I can't imagine what the gap in browser technology will be in 2 years. Switch now. You won't regret it for long.

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