stephen | April 14, 2004 (10:41 AM)

Rare Press Conference with Bush

Understandably, Bush doesn't make a lot of press conferences since he often ends up saying something stupid. Here's some examples from last night:

"Some of the debate really center around the fact that people don't believe Iraq can be free; that if you're Muslim, or perhaps brown-skinned, you can't be self-governing and free."

I'm not sure which KKK or neo-nazi meeting he is referring to, but I don't think anyone is debating whether brown-skinned people are capable of self-government and freedom.

"Even knowing what I know today about the stockpiles of weapons, I still would have called upon the world to deal with Saddam Hussein."

This quote scares the shit out of me, because he's basically saying that the case he made to the UN about WMD didn't matter. That he was going to invade Iraq anyway. And if that doesn't scare you, his jokes about not finding any WMDs should.

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