stephen | July 12, 2004 (10:46 PM)

The Skinny on Whole Foods Market

With our new found obsession with Button, Amy and I are trying to eat healthier. Not "healthy" like eating "lite", "carb free", "reduced fat", or "diet" food. No, we're trying to eat healthy as in no high fructose corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated oils, no pestisides, no genetically modified foods, more whole wheats, humanely raised and slaughtered meat, and organic, organic, organic.

This of course means that we had to stop shopping at Kroger. Though our local Kroger does stock some organic foods, it is a small selection of mainly non-perishables. To make the transition to "whole foods", we really needed to start shopping at Whole Foods Market.

Shopping at Whole Foods Market isn't something completely new to us. When we lived on the north side of Ann Arbor, near the old Merchant of Vino (owned by WFM), we went healthy for about a year. We had decided to go vegetarian and we felt that the only way to make the break was to get away from Kroger. It felt like we were detoxing, eating food that had less "stuff" in it. But eventually, it felt more like an upper crust market with specialty foods rather than a health store. And once we moved to the west side, the convenience and value of Kroger pulled us back to the dark side.

Back to the present, where a new 50,000 square foot Whole Foods Market exists, we are now doing healthy again. We aren't trying to do vegetarian again, but we feel that, even though the price is higher, it is extemely important to be eating foods that are good for us. Sans my lunch from Sagient everyday of course ;)

The new Whole Foods Market really is a step above any grocery store I've ever seen. A major problem with the Merchant of Vino was that there was always something out of stock or they didn't carry a particular item. Whole Foods Market has a large enough foot print that it can carry everything that we need. And it's all healthy. Just take a look at the patrons. I can't recall seeing a single over weight person since we've been shopping at Whole Foods Market. But I can remember seeing a lot of over weight people at Kroger.

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