stephen | October 6, 2004 ( 9:18 PM)

The Baby Report

We are currently going through some of the "it's really happening" moments. This past weekend we went on a trip to Birmingham for a baby-shopping binge. We ended up ordering a lot of the big ticket items that we've been eyeing over the internet ever since Button was just the size of a button. OUR BUTTON IS A POUND AND 7 INCHES ALREADY! And with all this increasing of the size, Amy has been going through a pants crisis. The rubber bands and loosened waistlines of her trendy jeans no longer can hold in the ever-expanding baby belly. She is currently managing with a single pair of maternity jeans that she says are "straight out of the early 90's." So, to avert going pantless, she's ordered the entire inventory at GAP maternity online. To all those tall women recently impregnotized, I'm sorry, but my wife now owns ALL of the 34" inseam flare/boot cut jeans. You'll have to get your Nirvana albums out and start dealing with it.

We also visited my Sister to see her new cabbage patch baby, Sleeping Beauty! I mean, Claire Wren McKenna Knudsen! She is a major cutie and she sleeps like a baby. Seriously, Allison has to wake her up to feed her. Amy was, I hear, the same way when she was just a wee one. Maybe it's just a girl thing, but I'm hoping she passes some of her sleeping genes on no matter what the gender.

Button doesn't seem to be much of a sleeper right now though. Amy reports that she's been feeling some kicking. I'm thinking Button is starting to catch on to our CardioBlast class and is trying out some disco steps. We'll find out if that's the case on Monday when we'll see Button for the first time! And if Button isn't moving around too much we'll be able to determine what kind of button Button is. Exciting! We'll make sure we post a picture of the ultrasound ASAP.

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