stephen | August 4, 2005 ( 4:02 PM)

Alice In Wonderland

16 years ago, when I was in fifth grade, I had my first classroom experience with computers. I had been using my Dad's computer for several years prior, but this was the first and only time using the now iconic Commodore 64. There was a lab of 2 to 4 Commodores that everyone would take turns on to learn how to type, and if you did well on your school work, you'd win 15 minute slots to play games. This must have been the highlight of the class because it is one of my clearest memories of fifth grade. There were 2 games that I remember playing: Election Trail, where you were a presidential candidate traveling around the country trying to improve your poll numbers before an election, and Alice in Wonderland.

Alice In Wonderland on Commadore 64

Alice in Wonderland was the most popular game in the class and I can recall a few of us, who had gained the most playing time, competing to complete the game first. None of us actually finished the game before the end of the school year, but I remember having been very close until Mitch Hubble, who had played for the first time, erased my game.

Now, in an effort to relive my childhood and finally win the game, I've installed an emulator and started playing again. It's surprisingly still a lot of fun, but I've forgotten most of the tricks in the game. There is one riddle that the caterpillar asks that I haven't been able to answer yet. "It sits above the crown though queens never wear it. It is a _ _ _ _ _ _ ." Any ideas? The best I could come up with, actually Amy came up with, was enamel, but that was grammatically incorrect and the caterpillar was like, "what pipe are you smokin' from?"

Update: There is a game walk-through at

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