stephen | September 2, 2005 ( 4:08 PM)

War On God

War on God

With the magnitude of the damage and suffering that is taking place in the wake of the attack from Hurricane Katrina I am surprised that our government has not mobilized with the speed and force that we answered 9/11. The situation in New Orleans has only gotten worse in the 5 days since the hurricane hit the gulf coast and there are no signs that things are improving. New Orlean's Mayor Nagin expressed his frustration on WWL-AM last night, and it is clear that our national leadership is not taking the steps necessary to adequately help the refugees in a timely manor.

Not only must we come to the aid of our fellow Americans, but it is clear that to prevent another attack on our homeland like the one we witnessed 8/29 we will need to take on the unpresidented task of declaring war on God. Forget the war on Terror. Only a full out assault on the gates of heaven will make us safe again. And we must strike soon. The hurricane season is only half over and scientists predict that there is a 43% chance of another major hurricane developing this year.

Let's go up there and kick God's sorry ass.

For more on declaring war on God visit Bejamin Walker's Theory of Everything and listen to Holy War. Start at minute 25:20 to hear his call to arms against God. The entire show is worth a listen too.

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