The process of moving over to a XHTML layout has begun! The home page is now valid XHTML Transitional. But as you can see, the real achievement is the new design. Goodbye darkness, hello sunshine! I've also integrated the Blog into the home page, can see for yourself.

My next exciting adventure is getting some well needed sleep before I have to get up in a few hours. Then of course, I will need to update the photo album so that it's not pink anymore. Clashing colors schemes just don't do it for me.

Please let me know if your browser has any problems displaying this page. I haven't had the chance to test in anything other than safari 1.0 :)


I am viewing it on Windows NT with IE 6.0 and it looks lovely!

Great design Steve-O. But you MUST go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. No more of this "I'm sooooo tired" stuff tomorrow morning :)

I quite agree! It looks great! My friends are so talented!

The site is absolutely fabulous. Very fun to look at while I'm at work, at home, at the pool, or in the bath... What a talented brother-in-law I have!



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