Amy and I have been interested in trying out the new American Spoon Foods Gelato Cafe next to the Michigan Theater ever since it opened up a few weeks ago. We finally took the plunge after watching Swimming Pool, a great date movie (lots of boobies ;).

The first time we saw this cafe, we were walking by as they were finishing up their grand opening. Initially, we had thought they were just selling American Spoon Jam and Jelly, which didn't really make sense economically. Then, on a later shopping trip, we realized that they were selling Gelato and Sorbetto too. Gelato is an Italian Ice-cream, which is denser and contains less milkfat than American Ice-cream. Sorbetto, which is much fruitier than gelato, contains almost no fat. The fun part is that you get to mix 2 to 3 Gelatos and Sorbettos together. I got wild blueberry and black rasberry. Yum! I'm never going to Stucchi's again!

The experience is very unique. You get a small cup full of your concoction and a tiny spoon, which is more of a handi-snacks cheese and crackers stick than a spoon. But the flavor is so rich that you don't need large portions to enjoy it. Afterwards, you don't feel bloated and regretful that you just pounded around 800 calories of thick, saturated fatty ice-cream. You feel pleasant.

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i love sorbetto! when i was in traverse city, we had sorbetto at the american spoon fruits store there. it reminded me of my trip to italy in high school when i had it at least twice a day! mmmm! i like lemon best. i can't wait to come back to ann arbor to eat some more!



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