Moving Plants and Earth


Amy and I, with the assistance of our sisters, bought 3 car loads of plants and a tree that's being delivered this Friday. All of this will replace the crappy yew bushes we have in our front yard and hopefully make the house look like a gem.

We've been trying to plan out how we would re-landscape since last December when my Mom and Dick got us a book on plants and landscaping. We've drawn in berms, crossed out patios, and erased bushes, but now we are finally going to do something. We ended up following a game plan Allison helped us put together yesterday. Thanks sis! Here's a list of everything we picked up:

  • Common Witchhazel tree
  • Royal Purple (smoke bush)
  • Hydrangea Tardiva
  • Calycanthus Floridus
  • Privet
  • 3 Rhododendron
  • 6 Hasta
  • 3 Delphinium
  • 3 Mums
  • Tulip bulbs

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You're welcome! It was so much fun! I am so glad you got the smoke bush, they are so wonderful. Have fun planting!



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