Freeware Rules

I just found 3 freeware OS X applications on VersionTracker that will improve my daily interweb experience. If you're on a mac I'd suggest giving them a try.

The first app, called BulkLoader, allows you to batch download a group of files with related URLs. So for instance, if you were to go to someone's photo album and wanted to download their pictures, instead of clicking on every image to save them, you can just tell BulkLoader to do it for you. You just enter in a range of URLs that correspond to the files you want to download, tell it where to put them, and it will begin downloading, showing previews of each image as it's being saved.

Huevos, brought to you by the same company (Ranchero Software) that made Net News Wire (My favorite RSS Reader), is a customizable search engine helper app. It's extremely simple, but extremely useful. With the click of a key command, you can bring up a dropdown menu with a custom list of all the websites that you use to search for information (google,,, etc). You just enter in your search terms and hit submit and it will bring the results up in your browser. It saves me a few steps everyday and I thank the nice people at Ranchero for providing it for free.

iComic does exactly what I've been wanting ever since I found out about RSS Feeds. iComic pulls down all the comics from the web that you want to see and allows you to view them all in one location without the ads. You can view archives, add a specific comic to your favorites, and make comments. All within a slick interface. There are a whole bunch of other features that I haven't gotten a chance to try yet because I'm so excited that I can finally read comics online like this. The only sticking point is having to download plug-ins for each cartoon. The list of comics that are available is a little short, but it has the essentials. After downloading more plug-ins I've realized that a lot of comics are bundled. So there is actually a lot to choose from.



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