Turkey Trot (10K run)

turkey trot

Running down Woodward Ave., in a pack of thousands, through a cheering thanksgiving day parade crowd was surreal. The experience pushed me to run beyond my training. There was always someone ahead of me to aspire to. Someone to pass to encourage me. Someone passing me to prevent me from slowing down. Strangers cheering for me to keep my spirits up. The view of the city passing me by in real time, in full color, in surround sound, in 360 degrees, and in smell-o-vision. It's all on the verge of hiding the pain that my nervous system was constantly alerting me to.

Now I'm going to start training to run a marathon next fall. The two major hurdles are staying interested in running at a higher volume and strengthening my IT band that likes to give up after 4 miles. Although these problems may undermine my goal, completing a marathon would mean a lot to me and I think my odds of following through are pretty high.



You are great! I am so proud of you! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving--we missed you in Mt.P!


fun stuff, yeah? great job! it was a great run and i enjoyed it as well. perfect running conditions! and to think that you had 5 minutes on me and we still didn't see one another. it certainly is inspiring.

I finished 194th out of 400 women listed!



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