Are you, like me, trying to find something to do with that iSight you got for christmas that you can't do anything with until your mac friends buy one or Apple makes them work with PC cams? Luckily, there are some things you can find that will keep you occupied.

ToySight, which is similar to the EyeToy for PS2, seems like it could be a lot of fun. The demo lets you play a skydiving game and a musical harp. The more interesting games are locked until you pay the $35 price tag though.

There are several free apps that will let you record video from your iSight. GCam is my favorite so far. It's fairly intuative and gives you control of video, audio, and quality settings. There's also quicktime broadcaster, which I have yet to figure out. From what it implies, you can use it to broadcast video to the web and/or save it to disc.

If you're interested in making your iSight into a webcam, look into Evocam ($20). There is an example at

For a low tech version of the iSight for IMing, you can use iChat Streaming Icon to send an updated buddy icon at regular intervals. It's suprisingly useful when you can't use your iSight for its intended purpose, video conferencing.



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