Movin' Momma

McKenna-Moreau Lake House in Weidman

My Mom is going to be hopping ponds in a few months over to Weidman into a manufactured home, or as we city folk like to call it, a "double wide". She and Dick (hubby) will be living in the lap of luxury with a massive 5 inch well. Can you believe that they've been putting up with a 2 incher for so long? Truly a travesty.

The house is also all on one level, which I think is a must have for anyone who's retired. It would be so embarrassing to end up one day having to install one of those electronic chair lifts that take you up and down the stairs. And your great grand children always taking rides on it, leaving it halfway up.

One of the best features though will be that the house is within walking distance of Weidman, so there is a nice balance between hermit and town life. Because you want to be able to get away from it all, but still be able to pick up that pint of ice-cream without having to drive 30 minutes to reach civilization.



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