Michelle Grosse is my hero. She put herself into finiancial risk by defending her criticism of Lucas Nursery and Landscaping Inc. on her website (she took it down 2 years ago), and has won her case. This is a major victory for free speech on the webernet. No longer can corporations expect critics to rollover by suing them. If you are unfamiliar with these cruel tactics, check out www.taubmansucks.com.


So I checked out www.taubmansucks.com and it would seem that Public Citizen (a group founded by Ralph Nader!!) played a key role as friend of the court to Henry Mishkoff of WebFeats who fought off Taubman. Perhaps Mr. Nader and his ideas wouldn't be so bad for the country. And yes I realize that he won't win the presidential election but wouldn't it be a shame to not allow his ideas on how to run the country be expressed. Hmm.

yes I realize that he won't win the presidential election

Then why help Bush win again? Politics is compromise.

Nadar has some great ideas, but he can't beat Bush and he is definitely not helping Kerry. And until there is Instant Runoff Voting in presidential elections, it's dangerous to vote outside the 2 party system, as we saw in 2000.

"Michelle Grosse is my hero."

Funny, those are the exact words that federal district court Judge Friedman used to describe Michelle (my client) when he ruled from the bench that she did not violate the ACPA by posting her protest of Lucas Nursery.

And, of course, I agree.

Jeff - Thanks for your work with this, you did a great job defending free speech online.

Also, for people who who want to see the original site, the Wayback Machine has a copy of the site from July of 2001. Unfortunately, they didn't get the background image so you'll have to hit Ctrl-A to select all and see the text.



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