Jonas' Teaching Aerobics Class at the UofM CCRB

After my first few months of aerobics, I've realized that you really aren't doing aerobics unless it's cardioblast with Jonas.


For the un-initiated, aerobics might bring to mind Richard Simmons, with his receding hair line perma-perm, "Sweatin' to the Oldies" with a bunch of lard butts. That simply isn't aerobics. That isn't Jonas aerobics.

Aerobics is High Energy! To be doing aerobics, there must be a heavy dose of House, Disco, and Dance music. Something that not only keeps your energy level up, but makes you feel like you're clubbing rather than prancing about like a wee girl. Float away, you fairy!

Additionally, the instructor must be enthusiastic. It's imperative. It just makes everything cooler (woop, woop!). And, as a bonus level of intensity, the instructor will need to have a euro-accent. The accent, however, must be domestic enough to understand commands, because nobody wants to end up looking like they're on Sprockets. Also, it helps if the instructor is a professor of robotics, because that's just teh awesome.

Not convinced that aerobics is your bag? Then check out Jonas's cardioblast class, through U-Move, and find out what hundreds of beautiful college women already know. Sweating is not an option!


richard simmons cited for assault

Richard Simmons sells dolls. God. Help. Us. All.



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