Amy presenting our new Area sheets and freshly painted walls

The transformation is almost complete. This past weekend we got our new sheets and we painted our bedroom in "Old Claret". And if your bad with wine names like me you'll call it "Old Carburetor", though that's not accurate to the color. More accurately, it's like a rasberry/blueberry sorbet. So much infact that Amy had to restrain me when I opened the can of paint because I instantly tried to start scooping it into my mouth. Now I just spend my time licking the walls.

Painting is never easy. Especially when you use paint that has a lot of red in it. Red, with all it's vibrancy, isn't good at hiding (3 coats!). So to stop from sinking into the 7th circle of painters' hell when I realized 2 coats just wasn't Benjamin Moore 2083-30 enough, Squeeky the talking paint roller decided to make a guest appearance, all to the tune of Prince doing the Hustle like it was 1999.


What a beautiful bedroom! I am envious. And the bed-set is supurb.

At long last, i will be ridding myself of the twin-size sleeper with my current appartment. Just three three more weeks.
It hasn't been too bad, though. I've fit two comfortably on multiple occasions.... three or four depending on how much alchohol is involved.

Is that a yellow milk-crate night stand, though? And the lamp blocks the artwork.

Great colour, though.

You are a great magician.

The colors in your room fuse into a most harmonius palette. However, I can't help wondering if a nice dark green wouldn't go better than the desert brown currently coloring the leaves of your little palm´┐ŻWATER THAT THING! :)



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