The Challenge

I really should have started running last month on daylight savings time. But my inner procrastinator kept reminding me about Alpha Centari. "Just one more turn", and I'd be playing for another hour. Now, I've left myself with only a month to prepare for the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run on June 6th.

I'm starting out with 3 5Ks this week, then adding 2K each week per workout. If I can stick with those intervals and my knee doesn't start cussing at me, I should be able to run the half marathon comfortably. Otherwise, I will stick with the 10K run and try and beat my Turkey Trot time.

Then, if I don't fall into procrastination mode and start playing Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow with George, I will start preparing for the Detroit Marathon in October. And ultimately, if the marathon doesn't kill me, I would one day like to do the Ironman Triathlon in Madison, Wisconsin. Because really, what kind of a person would I be if I couldn't sustain 12 hours of constant exercise?


stephen, what are you? you crazy non-exercising fool. best of luck on the run bro...

Maybe you ought to find a marathon running video game -- that'll do ya!


i could lend you my NES and track and field, i still have the power pad for it.

I'm more sore today than I was yesterday... crap... pain is good right? :)



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