Stephen McKenna, representing the number 1724, pushes through the last 100 meters of the 2004 Dexter-Ann Arbor half marathon

Describing what a half marathon feels like, "half" doesn't cut it. Not being a great runner of distances, likeJames Lander, the Dexter-Ann Arbor half marathon is "half" of nothing I have ever experienced. It kicked me in the knees, took a bat to my thighs, and rubbed my nipples raw. That's right, nipples as red and thick as ripe rasberries. Surprisingly though, my love of rasberries wasn't the only reason I ran a half marathon.

It's all about pushing personal limits. Limits act all intimidating, talking smack and acting like over protective parents. They need to be put in their place. I personally feel stronger after finishing this race, even though I scream like a baby every time I get out of a chair.

Of course, pushing limits just create new ones. Mine is now 1:42.08 and that bitch is going DOWN next year!


What a funny, excited smile you have on your face in that picure. it must have been taken before the whole raspberry thing...

I congratulate you for surviving the race and I take back any comments I might have made about you being "crazy" to try to run a marathon. ;0)

Whats up with the 1980's basketball shorts? Or are they hotpants?



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