Ray Charles on the $10 (ten dollar) bill

With all this talk about putting Ronald Reagan on the $10 bill, George and I thought it would be appropriate to suggest another recently deceased entertainer to grace our currency.

Replacing Hamilton was obviously a good idea from the Reagonites. Even though Hamilton is the founder of our nation's currency system, he is the hardest portrait to remember. And if you're not popular, that is a sure sign that you're not legal tender anymore.

But who is more popular? Reagan or Ray? I will contend that Ray Charles is the greater of the 2 men and should therefore be placed on the next $10 bill. Also, his presence would represent America's diversity and help advocate adding braille to our denominations.

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hahahahahah! that is awesome! the one with steve on the $10 bill. i would be able to say that my brother-in-law was on the $10 bill! do it! heeeheheehe!

You beat them to it:
Current cover of New Yorker magazine.



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