Now It Feels Real

My twelve-week prenatal exam was today at 3:20PM with Cheryl Bachman, Certified Nurse Midwife. Stephen, that lovey-dove, came with me out of sheer loviness (and for moral support). I've been waiting for this day. A month ago, when we set up the appointment, Cheryl told us that we would listen for the heartbeat at twelve weeks. And if no heartbeat, we'd need to do an ultrasound to make sure everything was OK. The days leading up to this appointment have been exciting and nervous. What if no heartbeat?

"What if I'm not really pregnant and my symptoms are something else? Because I don't really feel like I have a 1.5 oz, 3 inch baby floating around in there. And now that the morning sickness is fading, I'm feeling kind of, well, normal."

I was apprehensive this morning. I so want this to work out. More than anything else.

And despite my worries, we did hear a heartbeat. Almost like it came out of nowhere. A very strong, fast "Swoosh, Swoosh." So sweet. Stephen said, "Wow, that's really fast." I cried. And at dinner tonight, Stephen, that lovey-dove, asked, "Don't you wish we could hear that heartbeat 24-7?" And the funny thing is, I know that's all I will be hearing/thinking/hoping 24-7.

A heartbeat, and now it feels real.

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My friends are having a baby! What an awesome blog entry... I'm sooooo excited for you.

Lots of love!

Oh wow. A tear was just brought to my eye. I can't wait to meet the little button growing inside of my big sister!

Amy...You are so sweet and lovely too! Just wait until you feel Button move -- you are going to love it. Not to be unsentimental or anything but every time I feel Button's cousin move, I am often reminded of "Alien". Claire/Hayden never ceases to amaze me though. Less than 4 weeks to go! Much love!



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