I am typing up this blog entry in the freshly painted baby room. We set up a small desk and the old computer in here after we were done painting, so now I have a cute little green office all of my own. Until Button arrives, that is. Then I will have to learn how to share.

So, the room is green--almost as green as we feel when we think about parenthood. Now that we have this cute little green room we need to find cute little things to fill it. Right now it's sparse and echoey and full of expectancy. It feels good to spend time in here--so, yes, Stephen, setting up the computer desk was a good idea after all. Even though I know it can't stay here for ever. I'm sorry that I get all panicky over the weirdest things, like setting up a desk when we know we'll have to move it a few months later. Maybe I'm afraid I'll get too attached. My god, it's only a DESK.

Stephen sitting uncomfortably in baby rocker

So, we have one cute little thing in the green room, and it's a tiny rocking chair that I loved as a child, and that I still love, and that I hope our children will love too. Oh, and I hung the hot-mama red diaper bag on the hook, so that's a second cute thing. (Stephen, you totally rock for picking out such a cool bag.)

And now for the saga of the green paint. It goes like this: We picked out about 40 different green paint chip samples from the local paint shop, and after much deliberation, we picked the one we liked best. So, the day before painting day, I happened to show the color sample to my artsy friend Johnny, and he said it was the exact same color that he painted his hallway--and then repainted when he found out he hated the color. He even had some paint left over, and just looking at the paint drips on the outside of the can confirmed that we hated it too. Hmmmmm...back to square one. Much frustration.

Amy blending into new paint job

After a long hard night of rehashing through green paint chip samples, I decided it would be a good idea to find some paint that matched the color of my light green tank top, which I love dearly. Stephen agreed to this seemingly sensible notion, and the next morning we rushed out to the paint store and bought two gallons of Wales Green, which matched my shirt to the tee. But once we had painted the first coat, we started noticing how utterly florescent it looked. Hence, lots more frustration (of course there was absolutely no arguing or blame over who picked out the paint color based on their favorite tank top). After the second coat and after painting over the old purple trim with a nice creamy white, the walls looked sooooo much less florescent, and actually very sweet. Although Stephen is pretty sure that a teenage boy would insist on a repaint. And, in that case, we'll just have to hope for a girl.

Amy's belly at 3 months

Check out my belly. I'm at 14 weeks, and it's already growing!


Ooooh! My cute little room has turned even cuter! Great job guys and give me a call if Stephen needs any help getting out of that rocking chair... I know my hips haven't fit in it since I was about 7... ;0) Love you,
Aunt Sara

The picture of Amy reminds me of the shot in Garden State of Zach Braff wearing a shirt with the same design as the wallpaper.

Yes, George, but who thought of it first--Zach Braff or Amy McKenna (I guess we'll never know...)

very good idea to switch the color! johnny's hallway was so....ummm... bright? ;) baby button would have never wanted to go to sleep!

Hi Amy & Stephen,

I love the green...Kermit would approve!

Love, Aunt Amy



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