Picture Perfect

With a baby on the way, it's my responsibility as a techno-artsy geek to document her every movement in uber high-rez digital goodness. The kind of goodness that requires a brand new digital SLR camera. Like the D-70. Which I purchased, obtained, and am now furiously practicing to master before delivery day hits. The fall colors, which are peaking in Ann Arbor now, are making great subjects.

The results are much better than our old digital camera. The Olympus-3040 that we had picked up just 2 years ago wasn't just becoming obsolete, but it was severly limited in its photographic ability. At the time though, the benefits of going to digital far outweighed waiting for technology to reach an acceptable price-to-quality ratio. It's already payed for itself in opportunity and film cost. Which made it a little easier to justify getting a new camera this quickly.



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