I Will Miss You Too

Today was my second-to-last day of work. I've decided to trade in the stress of the corporate world for something new called Motherhood, which I'm sure will have it's own set of challenges. But I'm happy with my decision and happy that Stephen is happy with my decision. (It was really our decision, after all. Yes, it does take two.)

But today was a bit sad. I never thought saying goodbye to my co-workers would be easy, yet how could I really have prepared for this moment? They've been like a family to me for the past 4.5 years. And like all semi-dysfunctional family units, we've bonded in inexplicable ways. This afternoon, a goodbye party: yummy cheesecake goodies, a lovely purple orchid plant, and sweet sentiments--a printed compilation of beautiful compliments for me to keep as a memento. And there were some tears. Rightly so--we've gone through a lot together. And I promise not to be a stranger.

Tomorrow I'll be tying up loose ends, cleaning out my workspace, and boxing up a few memories to take with me to my new job. Mom. I'm looking into the future with excitement and wonder.

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Mom wanted for tiny bundle of joyous humanity. No experience necessary but corporate organizational skills and dealing with moody coworkers will be of help. Reading select child rearing and related materials recommended but certainly not to excess. Independant research on the topic "Passing fussy baby to husband at the end of the day", recommended. This technique can be practiced with resident feline. Picking brains of and observing mother mentors helpful. On the job learning skills and the ability to change gears, go with the flow, and divine from an array of cries, squalks, squeels, gurgles, burps and hiccups what the pre-verbal neonate needs is reccommended. Self-directed work schedule should include frequent naps and snack breaks. Watching "Ellen" at 4:00 on NBC qualifies as manditory laughter break. Dress code is comfy... no need to dress to impress. E-mail resume to Momsrus.nut or apply in person at:

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