The 28 Weeks of Buttonhood

On Tuesday morning, I had my second ultrasound. The first go-around back at 19 weeks revealed not only a sweet baby girl, but also a low-ish placenta, which isn't a good thing to see. A 28-week scan was scheduled to take another look, in hopes that the placenta would migrate northward. A co-worker who'd had a similar scenario with her first pregnancy suggested that I "visualize the placenta moving up." So, I tried it out, and maybe it helped because yesterday we got the good news. Placenta is up (yay) and Button is still a girl (double yay!). Button, it was very cool to be able to see you again. Your Dad and I were amazed by your little moving mouth and your tiny eyelids blinking back at us. Can't wait to meet you in few short months!

Button at 28 Weeks


she's beautiful...

yup! that's my girl!



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