Thirty-eight weeks ago (after about 5 months of trying) most of my time was consumed with wishing I were pregnant, and of course searching for telltale signs. "Oh, I feel a bit nauseous—maybe that's morning sickness? I think my boobs are a little sore (or is that because I keep poking at them to see if they are sore?). I have a headache. I don't usually have headaches. Maybe this is it?" And then on June 29th, we saw TWO blue lines. And we knew for sure. A baby on the way.

Thirty-eight weeks later, my thoughts have turned to a quandary even more elusive: "OH MY GOD, WHEN WILL WE HAVE THIS BABY???" I know there isn't a way to predict the moment, but I still find myself spending hours doing Google searches like, "How contractions feel," "Labor signs," "Dilation, effacement, dropping," and all sorts of special word combinations that could pull up an article or forum post to clue me in on some exciting tidbit that might pertain to me. All the while, knowing that there are no set-in-stone scenarios. But I am a mad-woman-addicted-to-Google-searches. If I type that into Google, will I get a link to Amy McKenna?

So, thirty-eight weeks, and it could happen in an hour, a day, a week, or two, or four. I know I need to calm myself. Trust me, I'm working on it. So, here is my mantra: "Just try to relax and enjoy this time. After baby is here, NOTHING will be the same. EVER AGAIN."


You're hilarious Aim! Can't wait to see little Miss Button! BTW, Michelle had her baby on Friday. And Gracie's baby is still fighting to live. Yay!

You are not crazy! I did the same thing as I was sure that reading about contractions would surely lead to Claire's arrival. A lot of good that did with her being 13 days late. Yoinks! Just think though...a month from now you will probably have baby in your arms...trinyg ot t pye wtih oen hnad. :-)



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