Man in Tights

So, of course I ended up walking out of the store with a better bike than I intended on buying. I would have had to have been wearing blinders to have gone through with my plan of buying the R500. It was at the end of a long row of far superior bikes, so I got a good chance to look at all the shiny components before getting to it. The R500 looked like it was being held together by duct tape in comparison. So I had to buy a better bike, the R800. But, of course, I'll always justify the purchase because it was last years model and I got a deal on it.

Stephen McKenna in his new cycling outfit

I took my first ride on Sunday morning up Huron River Drive out to Dexter and back for a total of 23 miles. I figured I'd make it my first trip since it looked to be a very popular route, based on all the riders I've almost hit in my car there before. It's very scenic and, besides me, the traffic isn't that bad, but you've got to watch out for the rough patches. I saw a few potholes that would have totally raped my ass if I would have hit them. And with almost no shoulder, you have to veer out into the road to avoid them. If anyone knows of a long stretch of smooth pavement some where near by, let me know. Amy's not too keen on collecting the payout on my life insurance policy just yet.


Kudos Steve! You look so cool in your cute little bike shorts. FYI...Arnica cream works great on aching muscles.

Happy Trails!

Very nice bike! That's quite a ride for your first time out. Congratulations.



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