Scored a Xbox 360

Xbox 360

If you want to score an Xbox 360, Target is the place to get them. Unlike Best Buy, who stockpiled units they were receiving for a highly advertised sale on December 18th, which incited people to camp out the day before to get one, Target quietly has been selling them when they get them in. They restock at night, so if they're available, they will have them when they open in the morning. Which was the case today when I stopped by.

Everything went smoothly. There were six other guys lined up at the door when I got there. They let us in and asked if we were looking for an xbox 360, and then directed us to the service desk. The manager got them out of the storage area and started distributing the 10 units they had. Within 10 minutes it was done. Most of the employees didn't even know that they had them. So, if you are looking to get hooked up, don't bother calling because none of the clerks will know if or when they will have them. Just show up when they open to see if they have them. Microsoft is replenishing every week, so they should have them available at least once a week.


I bet you are sooooooo excited!

The picture is a little fuzzy Steve. Were you shaking with excitement and anticipation?

The picture was taken with my camera phone, but yes I'm am freaking out! I still can't believe that I got one 5 days before Christmas and it was that easy.

I took a picture with the D70 too, so I might post a better version later.

That is so great! Aren't you clever! Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! And try to get a little sleep.

congradulations! Wish I was that cool!



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