I had my first triathlon, the Ann Arbor Triathlon, today at Half Moon Lake in the Pinckney Recreation Area. We got up at 4:00am so we could get to the park when it opened at 6:00am. My start was at 8:18am, but I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to set up so I wouldn't be stressed out. Everything went smoothly and the staff at Elite Endeavors organized a great race. I felt good throughout and wasn't ever too tired. I probably could have finished a bit faster if I would have pushed harder, but my goal was to finish under 2 hours and it looks like I was well below that. My unofficial time should be somewhere around 1:45. I should have my final results on Monday with split times once they've been posted online.

Check out the photos that my super fan and super wife, Amy, took.

Update: The results are up: I finished in 1:45:01, placing 158th overall and 25th in my age group. There are more details on the results page.


Almost as awesome as Amy's new haircut... just kidding. I am in awe of your awesomeness Stephen!

My brother is faster than your brother!



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