Funky 'Do

The week or so before I have a haircut appointment, I start dreaming up ways my stylist can beautify me. For the past couple of years, the changes haven't been all that drastic. But, over the past week, I've been obsessing about being done with long hair and ready for a shorter, funkier new 'do. I told my stylist what I wanted, and he did just that. It's fun, and I really like it!


Cute, Amy! But then again he could have used clippers with the #1 comb and you still would look absolutely fab.

I just noticed Roboranch is color coordinated with your living room wall.

it becomes you! great new look! xoxomom

Amy, you are just one hot mamma! I love the hair cut! -kath

I love it amy!! i am jealous and may have to take your pic in to get my hair cut the same way! you are a hottie!

Really cute Aim!

Very cute! I hope it is easy for you too! :-) Great pics of the the triathlon Amers.

i didn't think you could get more beautiful! Bravo!



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