The Naked Gun

Apparently, some guy was running around naked in our neighborhood last night to prove to his girlfriend that, like getting married, you need to take risks in life. As he was running, he saw a couple walking and decided to hide in some bushes. He soon found that he was taking more of a risk than just exposing his frank and beans. A 28 year old man pulled out a .40 caliber hand gun and ordered him to get out of the bushes. When he decided to run, the armed man chased after him. The gunman fired a shot and bare ass hit the ground, sustaining only minor injuries from the fall. The gunman was arrested for aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon, but released the next day. The naked man wasn't charged, but may end up becoming so risk averse that he becomes a never-nude.

For some reason we didn't hear any of this happening last night, but we had plenty of people call and leave voicemails to let us know it happened. We got a voicemail from WWJ News Radio 95.0 who were looking for some juicy first hand accounts, as well as Amy's mom, who had read about it in her local Muskegon newspaper. I must have been too busy killing vampires and orcs in Oblivion to notice.


I read about this! Was it really in your neighborhood? What street was it on? That's actaully quite hilarious.

From what we have found out, it took place a block from our house. I'm guessing that the naked guy was from one of the apartments across the street from us. Though who knows, it could have been the 80 year old guy 2 houses down from us.

I am cracking up. Did you ever see the Arrested Development episodes where they talk about never-nudes and Tobias? Hilarious!

oh i'm silly- i just clicked the never-nude link...and was taken to what i just referenced. :)

The closest we had was a man wearing jeans and a Native American headdress in February in Mt. Pleasant.



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