Happy Halloween

Sophia's first Halloween (well, second actually, but last year she was just a wee thing) is something she'll surely be talking about for weeks. This morning we met her little friends (and about a zillion other costumed kiddies) at the downtown library for some spooky stories, festive songs, a costume parade, and a Halloween craft project. Sophia was very proud to be wearing "Mommy makeup" for the first time, and she did a good job of "no touching" once the nose and whiskers were drawn on. When we headed over to Daddy's office after the library event, Sophia showed off her kitty cuteness with a "Happy Hall-uh-weeeen! Meow!"

Sophia Kitty

Before dinner, I made the mistake of telling Sophia how Halloween evening would progress—with dressed-up kids ringing the doorbell, shouting trick-or-treat, and receiving yummies in their candy bags. Sophia became so obsessed with this notion that she barely ate anything, which reminded me of being a kid on Halloween, forced to eat all of my vegetables before going out to beg for candy. When Sophia heard the doorbell ring at 5:50 (an early-bird-beggar), dinner was officially over. Two boxes of Junior Mints filled her up and left her spinning in a crazy sugar high.

I think we had about six groups of kids total, a little less than last year. One industrious little tick-or-treater asked, "Can I have another candy for my sister?" I replied, "We're only giving one candy to each kid so we don't run out," which seemed to leave a big impression on Sophia because for the remainder of the evening, she repeated, "One each! One each!" This was followed by the rest of her mantra: "Little boy, little girl, ring doorbell, more costumes!" And once the kids received their candy and bolted toward the next house, Sophia shouted after them with much dismay, "Run away! Run awaaaaay!" for she wanted the princesses/goblins/fairies/ghosts to stay and play.

At the end of the night, Stephen asked me, "Does Sophia feel hot to you?" I thought she did, and we took her temperature, which turned out to be 102.3. As of yet, we're not sure what's wrong, but I've had a sore throat and cough for a couple days, so I may have passed it on to her. Poor little kitty of mine. She's sleeping soundly now, and I hope she wakes up a happy healthy little kitty tomorrow morning.


Awww. What a sweet little kitty. I hope she feels better in the morning. Hugs and kisses.

So cute!

I hope Sophia is feeling better. Eddie didn't wear too well yesterday either. He woke us up at 3:00 this morning complaining that he felt like he was going to throw up (and didn't thankfully). He really wanted to go to school this morning so off he went. I received a call at 10:00 this morning that he had thrown up after gym class. He thinks he ate too much candy. Poor little goblin!



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