Our New Odyssey

Last week we bought a new Honda Odyssey EX. We had been hoping that we wouldn't need to buy another car just yet, but over the past few months we have been realizing that it was necessary. Although we got many comments suggesting we go with a used car, we decided to go new for a few important reasons:

  1. We got an online quote from the local dealer that was below the invoice price.
  2. We wanted the current design, which started in 2005 and used 2005 models are not that much cheaper than a new one.
  3. We are pretentious, elitist snobs.

Earlier this year we had posted about how we wanted a Honda Pilot. Well, after we test drove both vehicles and it was pretty obvious that the Pilot has less personal space, less cargo space, a useless 3rd row (at least for adults), costs more, uses more gas, is difficult to fit a bike with rear passengers, is harder to move around in, and is harder to get Sophia in and out of. Surprise, surprise, a mini-van is better suited for a family. We have quickly gotten over the idea that SUVs are cool and mini-vans are boring. If anything, we've found the opposite to be true. Our Odyssey is so cool that Sophia won't stop asking to play in it and cries every time we take her out.

our new odyssey


Amy and Stephen-
Welcome to my world!
I too struggled with acceptance that van-land was the best option for my family... my consolation was that i bought the best van out there and it is fire engine red..
enjoy the ride...

I think it looks awesome! Can't wait to get a ride in it...

That's definitely cool. Yaay you 3!

It needs flames. and some pin striping. Perhaps a 40" plasma in the back. You know. Subtle.

You made the right choice... during your search I was tempted to suggest a van rather than SUV, but held off knowing you would research the issue and make a sound choice. That's what Michigan people do - GO BLUE!!! Proud former owner of two Dodge Caravans, 1984 and 1989 vintage.

hehe... reason 3 makes me laugh.

Congrats on the new vehicle!



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