As of last Tuesday, I'm officially out of the first trimester of my second pregnancy. Woohoo! This week I have much more energy, much less need to urinate every 5 seconds, and much relief that I'm supposedly in the safe zone now.

One of my dear friends experienced a miscarriage two weeks ago. She was 7 weeks along, had started bleeding and cramping, and in a matter of days it was over. We had a long talk on the phone shortly after it occurred, and I was happy to be there for her, feeling a little guilty and a lot relieved that I'd had no problems so far. Sharing her emotions with a pregnant friend had to be hard.

Several nights ago, Stephen and I had meshing dreams. His: Our baby was born with diabetes and was very ill. Mine: My prenatal blood tests came back with an indicator for gestational diabetes. We rarely recount our dreams to each other, but that morning we did. It was eerie. I am sure it's simply pre-baby worries manifesting in a disease state that is possible for mother or baby. It makes me all the more glad that things are going so well.

I can't even begin to express how happy I am that I'm on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and that it's working so well for me. Not every day is perfect. But compared to the constant pain of Crohn's Disease that I experienced before the diet, a "yucky gut day" here and there is nothing. I've been on the SCD since February 2007 (and off my 6MP medication since March), so that makes 5 months of no grains, sugars, starches, or any other typical ingredients and fillers in most ready-made, store- or restaurant-bought foods. I have to say, I'm used to it. The diet feels normal. I made wheat flour, chocolate chip waffles for Stephen and Sophia on Father's Day, and I didn't feel any sense of jealousy or resentment. I ate my own breakfast of home made yogurt, an apple pancake, and a banana, loving every bite—knowing that it wouldn't make me feel sick.

Recently, I met with a nutritionist about the SCD, to make certain I was getting the right nutrients for myself and the baby. After reviewing my food diary, she agreed that this was a great diet, especially since I'm feeling so good. She said that the almond flour baked goods have a similar makeup to regular wheat flour baked goods, including vitamins, fiber, protein, and calories. "More veggies," was her only admonition. I already knew that. I'm trying!

The oddest thing about this pregnancy is that since my initial puke-fest on the eve before I found out the good news, I haven't felt nauseated much at all. With my first pregnancy, I was green for the whole first trimester. I would gag every time I went to the grocery store, with all those foody smells magnified about 5 billion percent. I feel very fortunate that this time my first trimester was smooth sailing. I've even gained about 8 lbs, which I really needed to do anyways!

A friend who recently had a baby loaned me all her maternity clothes (bless her), and I'm already finding use for them. I can't believe how fast my belly is pooching out this time around!

belly at 13 weeks

Belly At 13 Weeks


What a great update! I am sooo glad you're doing well, feeling well... and what an adorable belly picture. That photo could win an award!

delightful news! keep feeling well and rub your belly for me:-)

Wow... glad you're feeling well. My heart goes out to your friend! Keep us posted on how you're doing.

Grammy Battjes told me that when she was pregnant with her four kids she was the most nauseous when she was pregnant with her girls. Better start shopping for baseball gloves and Hot Wheels cars! ;-)

Ditto on Lindsey's remark about your friend. That must be devastating for her. I hope she is doing ok.

Hugs and kisses!



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