Cassidy's Bedroom

Just ten days until my due date, and I can proudly say we have completed the transformation of the former guest bedroom (think beige, dark, and dingy) into a lovely space for baby Cassidy. We had tackled the paint project a few weeks ago, but there have been a number of to-do's looming over us. Today we found the time and energy to get it done. (I should clarify the "we" part of the previous statement, as most of the tasks were performed by Stephen with some help from Grandpa Gary.) My wonderful husband put up new closet bars; sanded the old, nasty paint off the door hardware; re-hung the bedroom door; found a spot for the elephants-and-lions mobile; and mathematically engineered the perfect location for all the bedroom artwork. So, the cute yellowish-green room is ready for you, Cassidy. You know you want to come out and see it...


Come on Cassidy!!! You're Mommy is so ready!! :-)

Amy and Steve,
The room is so pretty! I love the yellow. Claire is loving the belly picture and has been asking lots of questions about the "baby in the belly." "Is Phia in she tummy?" "What she name?" "Can I see that again?" "She can't eat food if she baby in her tummy!"

Have a comfortable day!

The room looks so cute. Great job guys! Tell Cassidy it's time to come out and see the world!

How exciting! The room looks very comfy and inviting. Hopefully it will inspire good sleeping habits for baby Cassidy. I am so glad that your mom was able to freeze some muffins for you. Let the count down begin



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