Happy 3 on March 14!


Sophia's 3rd birthday was so incredibly fun! We had a party with some of her play group buddies, and Daddy took the afternoon off to enjoy the festivities with us. We decorated paper party crowns, ate spectacularly sprinkled cupcakes, and had a great time opening gifts and playing together. After the party guests had departed and we'd eaten our pizza dinner (birthday girl's request), Sophia tried out all of her new toys and games. She was so excited about her new stuff that she really didn't want to go to bed. Who could blame her? I think she shot off her new foam rocket launcher "just once more" about three to the third times before we convinced her that the toys needed to get some sleep too. What an awesome day. What an awesome girl we've got. Happy Birthday, Sophia!

Here are more pictures



These pictures are great! We're sorry we missed it but are happy Sophia had such a special birthday.

I can't believe how grown up our little Sophia is. Three years old! What a fun party!

Looks like a whole lotta' fun!

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