Oh Baby!

I am pregnant with baby #3! Due on my birthday, March 25! We are all excited, especially the girls who love to pat and kiss my tummy. At my 12-week OB appointment last week Cassidy got to hear the "swoosh-swoosh" heartbeat. She got a real kick out of it, and even though she's just 21 months old I think she's starting to make the connection.

The first several weeks of this pregnancy were very nauseating. But now I'm beginning to feel better, which is such a relief. Especially since the Specific Carbohydrate Diet I follow for Crohn's disease doesn't allow soda crackers. Over the past weeks I've eaten a few illegals here and there when nothing else has sounded good. I've noticed a little bloating and gas but other than that I think my body is doing ok with grains and sugars in small amounts. I suppose it's possible that the pregnancy hormones are helping my condition. And maybe following the SCD quite strictly for 2+ years has healed my gut to some extent. That would be lovely!

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