Ann Arbor Cars

Paisley Car

After seeing George's post regarding the eccentricity of the cars in Ann Arbor, I'm going to try and document every crazy car that I come across with my digicam. Lucky for me, my first prey was parked right outside my house. This is actually a very classy make-over job compared to the regular junk-glued-to-car look you see all too often in Ann Arbor. I give this an 8 out of 10. The detail in the work and over all look is very appealing. A little work on the tires and chrome, however, would go a long way in making this car a show stopper.


Um, so this car was parked outside our house, and I thought it was neat, but obviously Stephen is a crazed fanatic who has to take pictures of everything that is even remotely interesting. (OK, maybe I'm jealous of his creativity...)

Guys, I love your website!! About the car, perhaps it is a direct refelection of it's owner...hmmm... we could go really deep with this one. When you look at the car Steve, how does it make you feel? ;0)



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