Northward Bound

Amy and I are heading up to the Old Mission Point on the Peninsula of Grand Traverse Bay for a well needed break. We've made several trips in the past to this destination, partly because of the use of Amy's Grandpa Andy's Cabin, and largely because it is such a serene location. Within walking distance of the Old Mission Point, the cabin lies at the tip of a thin 25 mile strip of vineyards and rolling hills. A private beach and local public beach just a mile away are the highlights of the trip, along with dining at the local restaurants and taking in the regional activities and landscape. Ideally, I would have bought a camera phone for this trip and I could post pictures as we are enjoying ourselves. But it's probably better that I haven't. This is one of the few times of the year that I completely unplug and get back to the basics. I will, however, have my digicam and will take plenty of pictures to post on Monday. Perhaps even some pictures of Pirates Cove miniture golf, for those who might be interested (David and Arnold).


Avast ye matey! I got me a hole in one! -- Have a good trip you land lubber.

steve, you big dork, you describe traverse city so technically! have fun at the cabin! i left it all clean and sparkling for you two.

Pooshi misses his mommy & daddy! He whined and whined and whined some more when I came to check on him! Then he started purring like crazy and would not leave me alone. He likes me more than most people I know! :)



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