Seven Samurai

seven samurai

I just got back from seeing Seven Samurai at the Michigan Theater. It's a 1954 Japanese film about, you guessed it, seven samurai who come to the aid of a village that is under constant attack by bandits. This classic action film has no match today with its rich character development and immersive plot. The level of reality and humanism, something lost in todays cinematography, is much appreciated.

The 'gun for hire' style of the samurai has a strong connect to the depiction of the American cowboy. The wandering warrior that has a keen wit about wielding their weapon. The parallels of the rough and tough attitude and the Jack Kerouac lifestyle all fit very well. The companionship along side a bouquet of personalities, however, makes Seven Samurai a fresh take on the genre.

Another interesting take on the cowboy=samurai is the adoption of the American cowboy in Japanese culture. Though the samurai is still the focal point of many anime films, the facination with the cowboy has found its way into the hearts of Japanese Kitch. This is reflected in films like Cowboy Bebop, which really has to be seen with dubbed English to truly appreciate the irony.

Seven Samurai is a must see film that is the root of so many films today. If you have the chance to see it on the big screen you really should take the opportunity. If you are lucky enough to live in Ann Arbor, there is one remaining showing on Tuesday at 6:30. Take a potty break before-hand, as Amy found out the hard way, because this film is 3 and a half hours long.


Seven Samuri was just a ripoff of the Magnificent Seven. Kurosawa is such a hack, he stole all his ideas! Yojimbo is just the poor man's Fist Full of Dollars, and only a hack like Kurosawa would turn Star Wars into the Hidden Fortress. In summary, Japan is a nation of contrast.

You'll have to excuse George. We've purposesly trained him wrong. As a joke.

umm...maybe its just me, but that guy in the poster looks a little thick...

Ran is just king lear, only Japanese, and a Shogun....and in Japanese, with samurai, with a rock or something.



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