It's been 3 days now since I left Amy. She's been staying with her fan-damily for another beach vacation in Muskegon, trying to use up the hundreds of vacation hours that she has accrued. *sigh*

To the disbelief of those I've talked to about her absense, I have been making my own meals. And by meals, I don't mean something that comes in a package with the words "instant" printed on it or contains a package of cheese powder and pasta. However, it is pretty weird making something that will last me an entire week on my own. It would be nice to have my "Extreme Programming" buddy, Amy, to share meals with to break up the monotony. *sigh*

It's been raining the last two days and I haven't been able to go on a long run like I was hoping to do. But tonight was summer league ultimate and I got a chance to run around a bit. It was a really close game, ending in a hard cap showdown with my team, Sweet Feet, losing 14-15. We totally had the game in our pockets at half-time, but I think people just didn't have their hearts in it, even though it was the last game of the season. People just weren't covering their man. *sigh*

Well, Amy will be coming back soon with her always fun sister Sara and we're going to go out and have a good time. Not that I'm not having fun right now. By myself. *sigh*

(It's not really that bad. I'm just sticking you the melodrama. "Use the stick. Don't use the stick!")


Personally, I'd like to know at which point we started 11th graders to start playing Summer League!?! Its bad enough that they are better players than I, but to be assulted by their adolescent hormones is even worse! (It was really funny though) What the heck am I talking about you ask? Imagine a pristine night- the green grass on the Ultimate field, the sun beginning to set making the sky turn all different shades of orange & pink, the sound of Sweet Feet tirelessly battling for victory over the White Rabbits. On the field you have myself, one of the 11th grade boys, and the rest of our team. We scored a point and as I was walking towards the other end of the field, the 11th grade boy comes up next to me. The coversation:
Boy: "So, is this your first time playing Ultimate?"
Me: "No, I've played a couple summer leagues."
Boy: "Oh. Well, are you going to play when you go to college?"
Me: "No, I'm done with college."
Boy: "Oh! How old are you anyway?"
Me: "I'm 23."
This amused all that were listening- especially Brian, John, & Stephen who proceeded to tease me w/out mercy the rest of the night. I just have one question- "Why me?"


Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
No one in town
Is cuter than you!

(And you wonder why the 11th grader was hitting on you!)

Thanks for the self-esteem building poem Aim...I feel much better now... :)



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