Pacific Rim by Kana

One of the major pluses about Ann Arbor is the quantity, quality, and diversity of its restaurants. I've lived here for 7 years and I still haven't been to half of the restaurants yet. In my seamingly never ending quest to visit all of the eating establishments in Ann Arbor, with the exception of fast food joints, Amy and I went to Pacific Rim by Kana for our 4th anniversary (Brought to us in-part by Amy's parents). Let's just say it was a big mistake to have waited this long to eat at Kana.

Casting aside all suggestions by my cow orkers, I ordered the Yellow Tuna and Amy the Halibut. Both were extremely exceptional in both presentation and flavor. Amy squirmed a bit about the fish eggs that were decorating the top of her meal, but got over it after realizing that she eats chicken eggs all the time (cooked of course). We finished up with a piece of warm dark chocolate cake with homemade mocha ice cream (I know, I know. Ice cream is dead, but they didn't have any gelato:).

The owner, Young Bok (Y.B.), is acutely attuned with his dining audience. Not only is the wait staff top-notch (didn't meet Ben though), Y.B. personally socializes with each patron. The attention to detail was appreciated, and I'm sure I won't overlook Kana again next time we go to dinner. Maybe next time I'll follow my cow orkers' advice and get the sesame scallops and the banana roll.

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Oooh! I am so glad you went to Khana! Yum, Yum,Yum. My personal favorite is the Sea Bass. I have also met YB and he is an awesome guy. Too bad you didn't meet Ben. I hear he can be a pretty cool guy sometimes...



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