George is conducting an experiment on the ownership rights of downloaded music. Specifically, purchased AAC files from Apple's music store. You can bid on his AAC file on eBay, but be forewarned that he only payed 99 cents for it ($1.05 after taxes).

I commend his efforts and I'm interested in what will become of this, but I'm a bit worried that he didn't read his Apple Music Store agreement in detail before going ahead with this. I'm sure there is something in there that will make it so he has to serve a minimum of 5 years and pay a fine up to $100,000.

I'll make sure I stop by and visit next time I'm in Canada, George.

[Update: 09-03-2003 11:15 PM] Look who thinks he's clever Dan. George just got written up by CNET and got Slashdotted.



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