"Thirteen" is my latest song. Might be about me at that age--might be about you. Check it out.


Amy--You're music reminds me a bit of the Lullaby Baxter Trio (Capable Egg). Very nice! I kept thinking of Diana Krull during Back to You. You are so talented!

Have a great day.

Aim! I love it. Its a great song and your voice is beautiful.

so... i just want everyone to know that that's my sister!!! she is so freaking talented and it is so freaking unfair that she can play the piano and write songs! i love you amy and when you're famous i'll be your personal assistant/ back-up singer. ;0)

Another great song! Wow, you play the piano too. You really need to put more information about your singing on the site. Are you doing any local Coffee shops or small concerts yet? Are you far from WMU? My wife and I might be out to see my cousin throw the football around for WMU and if you are playing live anywhere we will show our support and stop by.

Beautiful song! I played for everyone here at work and they loved it! Let us know when you perform somewhere and all "us" fans will come and cheer you on!


Thanks for all of the support, you guys! I am trying to work out the logistics for a concert in Jan or Feb in my hometown, Muskegon, MI. (Shawn, that's not too far from WMU, so maybe it will work for you and your wife to come.) Looking into venues here in Ann Arbor too. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know! I will be putting a bio and lyrics on this Web site soon, so check back!



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