Cheney, trying to scare Americans

Now that it is clear that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, the White House is trying to find other ways to convince us why we went to war with Iraq. Cheney, defending the war in Iraq, uses scare tactics to convince Americans that we acted correctly by invading Iraq. He points to what the administration believes to have been ties between Saddam and "The Terrorists" as grounds for having taken pre-emptive action (aka killing innocent people and calling it a way towards peace). Yet, creating anarchy in Iraq and destablizing the Middle East is likely to build support for "The Terrorists" and their goals.

The Bush administration's latest campaign is a continuation of their attempts to create mistaken impressions that Saddam was working closely with Al-Qaida. Creating these false truths have helped to sustain support for the administration's actions. Hopefully, the growing critcism of Bush's invasion of Iraq coming from the Democrat party will flush out these lies.



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