super karate monkey death car logo (link to larger image)

Prepare to be striken with fear by the awesome might that is Super Karate Monkey Death Car! SKMDC is about to rock and sock the indoor soccer scene at the WideWorld Sports Center. If the gruesome sight is not too much for you, check out one of our games.

Opponent Date Time Field
The Carrots Thur, Jan 8 10:20pm Maui
American Pride Thur, Jan 15 11:20pm Maui
Next Week Thur, Jan 22 10:20pm Rampy
The Carrots Thur, Jan 29 11:20pm Maui
American Pride Thur, Feb 5 9:20pm Maui
Next Week Thur, Feb 12 11:20pm Maui
TBD Thur, Feb 19 TBD TBD
TBD Thur, Feb 26 TBD Maui



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