I can completely understand that for PepsiCo to continue to be the leader in the snack food industry it must successfully brand its products to every demographic. Having both a latino/hispanic advisory board and an african american advisory board (way to represent Al Sharpton), PepsiCo is making sure that it markets its products appropriately. But PepsiCo has gone beyond believability with the photographs in their latest annual report.

PepsiCo annual report photo

The photograph on the back of the report (displayed) is laughable. Not only is the excessive product placement disturbing (how many chips are they planning on eating?), but the social context is so far from reality that is hard to believe. What's the story here? What social structure has brought these 7 people together for a picnic? And what the hell is so funny?

Write your own adventure in the comments.


Is it just me or are all the beverages placed at breast level. Talk about product placement.

(mother-figure to group) Hi kids! Here's a plate of spare appendages since you seem to have all lost either a few digits or complete appendages in an effort to make this promotional photo more memorable on a subconcious level!

(group in unison) Thanks Mom!!!! (laughing)

Obviously you have never attended certain churches(Amy has)or company picnics, where this demographic would be possible. The racially diverse church picnics I have attended were wonderful except there were never enought chips. Beth



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