Facial hair, one of the many milestones of male pattern pubescence, is perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of masculinity. In a few days growth, stubble can transform a sensitive boy into a gritty ass kicker. A man who answers to no one. Especially his wife, who's pleas to ditch the fuzz are met with cold, manly bruteness.

I personally try to keep my manliness at bay. I'm not to keen on my face being abrasive as a scouring pad. But, in the last week at work, I was fighting the good fight, and grooming became the first casualty. Now, after 7 days, I've grown the longest beard I've ever attempted and I feel a bit cheated that it isn't longer. There is something about the growth rate and fullness of a man's beard that signals to all others his degree of manliness. I'm afraid I'm not the pile of testosterone I thought I was after running 20 miles this past week.


Don't testosterone levels decrease with increased workouts or over training?

"Although the most common reason for decreased testosterone levels is aging, levels also commonly decrease during acute and chronic emotional stress, over training, physical inactivity, after the use of anabolic steroids, excessive use of alcohol, prescription or recreational medication and certain diseases."


Just keep running a lot and you won't need to shave at all! :)

Since I've needed to shave daily since my early teens, I feel I have some affinity to this subject. Shaving sucks. It sucks huge. Nicks cuts and hacks are the worse, worsened only by the application of the apres shave.

Every winter I grow a beard specifically not to shave. So I say, grow it out. Lets see it man....You're the next Grizzly Adams....Grizzly McKenna......grrrrrrrrr.

Being hairy sucks. Thousands of years and they still have us scraping our chin with a knife... not much progress.



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