Because I am all to familiar with Apple's Product Cycle, I wouldn't normally complain about it. I understood that when I ordered my G5 dual 2.5 Ghz on July 1, that it wouldn't be delivered until the end of the month. I understood that when July 29 rolled around that Apple would rip my heart out by telling me the expected shipping date would be pushed back to August 20, only to notify me the next day that it had shipped. But what happened next has been completely unexpected and I'm not sure if I need to contact Apple about it. Based on my tracking number, my G5 is being shipped to me from Shenzhen, China. WTF Apple!

Fedex shipping information


Slow boat from China...thank you NAFTA.

Oh Steve. I know the waiting process so well. A year ago this time, I was in the same boat you are, although mine wasn't coming from China...

Shenzhen is a nice place! Has some neat skyscrapers. Allison can vouch for me.



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