It may have been the Karma or it may have been that soon-to-be grandma Beth's handmade vintage baby dresses just HAD to be put to use, but whatever the cause may be, we've got a GIRL! Despite all the oracles' forecasts, the ruling powers of the ultrasound technician said, "yep, those are labia!" Horray for Labians!

buttonette's ultrasound

All the baby parts checked out and are developing properly, which I didn't even think about worrying about until the technician was measuring the fold on the back of the skull to check for downs syndrome. I had a brief gut dropping feeling, thinking of all the potential problems, but that wasn't any fun. So we focused on the cute factor. There was lots of cute, and we've got pictures to prove it. Check out her tiny foot and her great profile (yes, she's already photogenic). The technician also got a great shot of the baby's hand by her face and a picture of the face looking straight on (have you clicked on the image yet? you really should click on the image!). OK, so it kinda looks like Skeletor, but she's our She-Ra, and we think she's beautiful!

We got a video too, but it's on something called VHS cassette. If anyone knows of an easy way to convert this archaic format into quicktime (I'm looking at you Hotelling), we could post it.


We jews say, Mazel Tov! Brucha H'Mispuchah.

Your little girl is wrapped in love and protection. fear not.

love, Grama Beth II

That's my girl! She's a beauty!

What a beautiful little girl! How perfect and exciting.


Hooray! I can just see your savings being drained by the purchase of all the labeled designer babywear!!! :-) Here's to two X chromosomes! Much love!


What a photogenic family...from in utero to 50+, everyone looks fabulous- Stephen, your camera work is awesome!! Thanks for the party photos!



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