Crib and bassinet

Ragazzi makes some great cribs, but if you buy one be forewarned of the assembly instructions. BE VERY FOREWARNED. The instructions appear to have been written by someone who has never actually assembled a crib before. If they had, they would have realized that Long Flat Head Lag Bolts of 60mm and Short Flat Head Lad Bolts of 50mm can't both be part "P". Or that printing the spanish instructions within the english version is NOT helpful. And, oh yeah, step 6 really needs to be step 2. Unless they thought it would be funny to have us put the crib halfway together and then take it apart again to get that damn dowel to fit (the dowel was THIS close to being sawed off).

And the diagrams were so simple, so helpful.

Crib Instructions

Once the crib was assembled, 4 hours later... Amy brought out a couple old friends from their hermetically sealed containers.

Benjamin Bunny.

Benjamin Bunny

Lamby (he's the lamb).

Lamby, Duck Duck, and Pear

And a felt-tastic animal mobile that her parents handillycrafted when Amy was just a babe.

Mobile Nostalgia

So, the baby room is actually starting to LOOK like a baby room (OMG, there is going to be a baby in here!). With little baby clothes that go on the little baby clothes hangers in the little baby closet. And the socks! The socks! When I started folding the laundry this weekend there were baby socks mixed in. It's as if the baby is already living with us. And in actuality, she is, touching us with every nudge and kick.

Amy McKenna at 27 weeks


Awwwwww! Excitement is in the air...

Been there and done that in the crib assembly department... 'cept we didn't have any instructions when we assembled the crib which Amy slept in. (It was the same one that her mother slept in when her mother was a baby.) We had to wing it... there was much cursing as I recall and I'm not sure we did it right because it was awfully creaky and squeeky when we were done. She and Sara both survived the 1950's toxic crib.



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